Jacque & Adam

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Jacque & Adam!

Good ol’ Southern California “winter” weather blessed us with 75 degrees and sunshine on this Saturday afternoon. It was a picture-perfect scene at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu to celebrate the love and new life of Mr. & Mrs. Wiswell. To take advantage of the sunset, we setup on the patio outside of the reception hall. Then we moved indoors for the party – and boy did everyone know how to party!

For the photo booth design, we took inspiration from their wedding invitation suite – light pink, white, and black with floral ornaments and their monogram. Take a look at the print below to see for yourselves.

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Thanks again for having us at your wedding!


Photo Jan 19, 4 46 29 PM

Photo Jan 19, 4 50 59 PM

Photo Jan 19, 5 06 32 PM

Photo Jan 19, 5 06 46 PM

Photo Jan 19, 5 08 03 PM

Photo Jan 19, 7 11 34 PM

Photo Jan 19, 7 11 42 PM

Photo Jan 19, 7 11 59 PM

Photo Jan 19, 7 12 17 PM

Photo Jan 19, 7 12 48 PM

Photo Jan 19, 7 12 54 PM

Photo Jan 19, 7 33 23 PM

Photo Jan 19, 7 59 46 PM

Photo Jan 19, 8 27 55 PM

Jillian’s 18th Birthday

Happy Birthday to the Debutante, Jillian Villanueva! There were 18 roses and 18 candles, our photo booth, a lot of food, and all the fixin’s of a traditional Filipino Debut. Even the world famous DJ Icy-Ice helped blow up with night on the 1’s and 2’s. It was definitely a legendary night!

The colors of the party were pink and purple, and Jillian is a fan of Hello Kitty. So we designed her photo booth print in the style of Hello Kitty, down the the font! When people weren’t dancing the night away, they were taking pictures all night long in the photo booth. Best 18th birthday, ever 😉

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Ballroom Photo Jan 05, 9 34 22 PM Photo Jan 05, 9 34 28 PM Photo Jan 05, 9 41 29 PM Photo Jan 05, 9 41 49 PM Photo Jan 05, 10 28 54 PM Photo Jan 05, 10 29 33 PM Photo Jan 05, 11 06 51 PM

Macy’s Northridge Helping Hands

Macy’s invited Shake That Boothy to participate in Helping Handbags – an event at the Northridge location where 5% of handbag purchases are donated to Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles. In addition to our photo booth, there was DJ Mahli spinning some jams, a Nail Bar to get a brand new manicure, and an engraving station for personalized jeweled handbag holders.

For the print design, we took inspiration from the gold sequins found on the dress in the event flyer. We went for a glam edge, since buying handbags always makes us women feel glamourous!

To see all photo booth pictures, check out our Facebook page by clicking here. Thanks again to Macy’s & Make-A-Wish for another fantastic event!




Sami’s Sweet 16

Ah, to be young and excited about birthday milestones! While those days are long gone for some of us, beautiful Samantha celebrated her Sweet 16 Birthday last night and asked us to share in the moment with her and some friends. It was held at Back on Broadway restaurant in Santa Monica.

We provided 2 hours of photo booth fun, and everyone took pictures all night long. The greenscreen was custom designed with Sami’s direct input using inspiration from her birthday invitation.  Since her colors were purple and silver, we created a star backdrop with a purple/silver gradient.  The end design was something super hip just glamourous enough for a super Sweet 16.

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Thanks for hiring Shake That Boothy for your photo booth – Happy Birthday!


David’s Bar Mitzvah

Mazel Tov! There’s nothing like a good Hava Nagila to get the party started. Couple that with Shake That Boothy’s photo booth for a guest list of over 200+ people, and that’s what we call a good time.

We were at the Petersen Automotive Museum on the same floor as the Batmobile, Grease Lightning, Diney/Pixar’s Cars, and other classics. The theme of the Bar Mitzvah was a tribute to all things cars – including a miniature racing zone, toy race track, and of course our cars theme photo booth layouts.

We custom designed 3 different photo booth layouts:

  • a retro-inspired Petersen Automotive Museum flyer
  • a front-view Batmobile image
  • a side-view Grease Lightning

Guests were able to select which layout they wanted on the fly with our exclusive layout selection (image below). The Batmobile layout was the most popular. Which one would you have selected?

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Thanks for the great times – l’chaim!

Shake That Boothy on the floor

Our photo booth was in between Grease Lightning & Lightning McQueen

Shake That Boothy Touch Screen

Shake That Boothy’s exclusive layout selection with custom designed photo booth prints

Shake That Boothy Guestbook

Shake That Boothy’s photo booth guestbook

Shake That Boothy In Action

Green Screen photo booth in action!

Shake That Boothy Guests

These gals were fans of the Batmobile photo booth print!

Shake That Boothy & Lightning

Our Photo Booth station & Lightning McQueen

Shake That Boothy Reception

Reception Area

Shake That Boothy YOLO


Shake That Boothy - David & friends

David & his friends

CA Delta Pi Beta Phi’s Bid Day

The lovely ladies of UCLA’s CA Delta Pi Beta Phi welcomed a new group of Angels last night! Congratulations to the future Fall ’12 class! All of the houses on the Row were decked out, and the Pi Phi house definitely pulled out all the stops. In a carnival setting with a band, magician, games, corn dogs, and popcorn machine, Shake That Boothy’s photo booth captured the fun all night long!

We matched the print design to coordinate with the bid day shirts – gold, silver, and black chevron stripped Pi Phi accompanied with a collegiate nod to the CA Delta letters. We also had our social sharing station – in real-time, the pictures were available to view on a beautiful touchscreen equipped with the ability to view and share pictures on Facebook or Twitter. The Pi Phis were taking pictures and sharing all night long!

To view all photo booth pics, check out our Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/shakethatboothy

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Thanks for the fun times, Angels! Ring Ching!

Shake That Boothy Pi Phi

Pi Phi’s Bid Day Photo Booth Print by Shake That Boothy

Shake That Boothy CA Delta Pi Phi House

CA Delta Pi Phi House

Shake That Boothy Pi Phi's in action

Pi Phi’s in Action

Shake That Boothy Prints in Hand

Pi Phi’s and Bid Day Shirts and Photo Booth Pics!

Shake That Boothy Social Sharing Station

Social Sharing Station on a 23″ Touchscreen with WiFi

Jenny-Anne & Jonathan’s Wedding!

It was the last wedding of our Summer Season 2012 – and we couldn’t have had a more fun time celebrating with the lucky and happy newlyweds: Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Flores!

The reception was held at The Cheesecake Factory in Redondo Beach overlooking the shore. With the sunset as our photo booth backdrop, we were able to snap some great pics of the guests in an elegantly picturesque setting – surely one the perks of being in Los Angeles!

In our style of coordinating our photo booth design to match with the wedding’s theme, we created a layout design from the wedding invitation and jazzed it up a bit with a stripe of chevron. The chevron stripe also matches the paper of the giveaway gift: Diddy Riese cookies! (as if the photo booth pics weren’t enough of a giveaway, haha!)

Thanks again for having us, Jenny-Anne & Jonathan! Congratulations on your new life together as husband and wife 🙂

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Jenny-Anne & Jonathan

Jenny-Anne & Jonathan

Diddy Riese cookies

Diddy Riese cookies

Shake That Boothy Props


Shake That Boothy in Action

Shake That Boothy in Action

Jenny-Anne and some friends

Jenny-Anne and some friends


Variety Power of Youth 2012

Vanessa Hudgens was selected as one of the honoree’s for this year’s Variety Power of Youth. Vanessa chose Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles as her charity of choice, and we were lucky enough to support the event!

We setup on the Paramount Pictures lot on a SUPER SUNNY day in Hollywood. Our booth was positioned adjacent to the Make-A-Wish table and directly across from the main stage. It must have been over 100 degrees! But we managed to snag an umbrella to provide us some shade (clutch!)

We met so many incredible and altruistic people, and we couldn’t be more elated to share in this day with everyone. Many thanks to Steve, Jena, and the rest of the Make-A-Wish family.

Special shoutout to Gina & Stella Hudgens for stopping by and taking pictures in Shake That Boothy. Much love goes out to Vanessa Hudgens, too, for stopping by and sharing smiles with us as well.

Pictures can be found on our Facebook page by clicking here: Shake That Boothy Variety Power of Youth Photo Booth Pictures

Feel free to tag yourselves!

Shake That Boothy POY Boothy Set Up

Our booth set up with Steve & Jena from Make-A-Wish

Shake That Boothy POY red carpet

Red Carpet

Shake That Boothy POY dancers

Awesome group of backup dancers. They KILLED it!

Shake That Boothy POY celebs

Wish Granters

Shake That Boothy POY street view

The street we were on

Shake That Boothy POY Gina Hudgens

Gina Hudgens (mother of Vanessa Hudgens)

Shake That Boothy POY Alex Newell from Glee

Alex Newell from Glee

Shake That Boothy POY Boothy Shakers

Boothy Shakers!

Sara & Jonah’s Wedding

Congratulations Sara and Jonah Horowitz (or is it Horotake? haha)! With a wedding in Alamo Square Park, I got to see two of my favorite things – a backdrop of the iconic Full House landmark and one of my best friends exchanging vows with her love. What a great way to spend a weekend in the summer.

Sara & Jonah loooovvveee The City, and made sure that their guests knew it, too. We took inspiration of their photo booth print from their invitation:

We grabbed The City skyline and their font and created a 4-up version. For the background, we kept it “open” and utilized the space of the art gallery (their reception venue). After adjusting some lights and camera settings, we got great images!

All pictures can be found on our Facebook page and also on our Gallery.

Thanks again to Sara & Jonah for having Shake That Boothy share in the fun!

Kathy’s Birthday Party!

Shake That Boothy was honored to be a part of Kathy’s 17th Birthday party! Make-A-Wish approached us with the opportunity to donate our photo booth for the celebrant, a cancer survivor, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help!

Located at Le Merigot by JW Marriott in Santa Monica, the “belated quincenera” helped Kathy celebrate her birthday after having missed her milestone 15th birthday. But it’s never too late to party!

Kathy’s birthday party theme was Princess related with colors of honeydew and tints of pale pink.  She also loves carriages! We used that as our inspiration and created the print design to match!

Kathy’s Invitation

We dropped a cute carriage image in the greenscreen and used the invitation damask to be the border of the print. To see how it all came together in the finished print, check out all of the pictures by clicking here to the gallery.


Many thanks again to everyone at Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles and to Kathy and her family!