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Jillian’s 18th Birthday

Happy Birthday to the Debutante, Jillian Villanueva! There were 18 roses and 18 candles, our photo booth, a lot of food, and all the fixin’s of a traditional Filipino Debut. Even the world famous DJ Icy-Ice helped blow up with night on the 1’s and 2’s. It was definitely a legendary night!

The colors of the party were pink and purple, and Jillian is a fan of Hello Kitty. So we designed her photo booth print in the style of Hello Kitty, down the the font! When people weren’t dancing the night away, they were taking pictures all night long in the photo booth. Best 18th birthday, ever 😉

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Ballroom Photo Jan 05, 9 34 22 PM Photo Jan 05, 9 34 28 PM Photo Jan 05, 9 41 29 PM Photo Jan 05, 9 41 49 PM Photo Jan 05, 10 28 54 PM Photo Jan 05, 10 29 33 PM Photo Jan 05, 11 06 51 PM

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