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CA Delta Pi Beta Phi’s Bid Day

The lovely ladies of UCLA’s CA Delta Pi Beta Phi welcomed a new group of Angels last night! Congratulations to the future Fall ’12 class! All of the houses on the Row were decked out, and the Pi Phi house definitely pulled out all the stops. In a carnival setting with a band, magician, games, corn dogs, and popcorn machine, Shake That Boothy’s photo booth captured the fun all night long!

We matched the print design to coordinate with the bid day shirts – gold, silver, and black chevron stripped Pi Phi accompanied with a collegiate nod to the CA Delta letters. We also had our social sharing station – in real-time, the pictures were available to view on a beautiful touchscreen equipped with the ability to view and share pictures on Facebook or Twitter. The Pi Phis were taking pictures and sharing all night long!

To view all photo booth pics, check out our Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/shakethatboothy

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Thanks for the fun times, Angels! Ring Ching!

Shake That Boothy Pi Phi

Pi Phi’s Bid Day Photo Booth Print by Shake That Boothy

Shake That Boothy CA Delta Pi Phi House

CA Delta Pi Phi House

Shake That Boothy Pi Phi's in action

Pi Phi’s in Action

Shake That Boothy Prints in Hand

Pi Phi’s and Bid Day Shirts and Photo Booth Pics!

Shake That Boothy Social Sharing Station

Social Sharing Station on a 23″ Touchscreen with WiFi

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