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Variety Power of Youth 2012

Vanessa Hudgens was selected as one of the honoree’s for this year’s Variety Power of Youth. Vanessa chose Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles as her charity of choice, and we were lucky enough to support the event!

We setup on the Paramount Pictures lot on a SUPER SUNNY day in Hollywood. Our booth was positioned adjacent to the Make-A-Wish table and directly across from the main stage. It must have been over 100 degrees! But we managed to snag an umbrella to provide us some shade (clutch!)

We met so many incredible and altruistic people, and we couldn’t be more elated to share in this day with everyone. Many thanks to Steve, Jena, and the rest of the Make-A-Wish family.

Special shoutout to Gina & Stella Hudgens for stopping by and taking pictures in Shake That Boothy. Much love goes out to Vanessa Hudgens, too, for stopping by and sharing smiles with us as well.

Pictures can be found on our Facebook page by clicking here: Shake That Boothy Variety Power of Youth Photo Booth Pictures

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Shake That Boothy POY Boothy Set Up

Our booth set up with Steve & Jena from Make-A-Wish

Shake That Boothy POY red carpet

Red Carpet

Shake That Boothy POY dancers

Awesome group of backup dancers. They KILLED it!

Shake That Boothy POY celebs

Wish Granters

Shake That Boothy POY street view

The street we were on

Shake That Boothy POY Gina Hudgens

Gina Hudgens (mother of Vanessa Hudgens)

Shake That Boothy POY Alex Newell from Glee

Alex Newell from Glee

Shake That Boothy POY Boothy Shakers

Boothy Shakers!

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